From IDEA to Action


Every major growth move takes time, money and lots of focus — resources that are in short supply for StartUps! That’s why we aim to reduce major risks, significant liabilities and extreme cognitive overload for our allied StartUps.
— Sven Deichfuss, Managing Partner at Neuland Alliance

Every US-expansion begins with a well-thought-out plan. This plan is your roadmap, which acts as a tool to maximize your success.  At Neuland Alliance, we create this roadmap for you. And after conversations with our alliance advisors, your roadmap is crafted to address the multifaceted challenges that your StartUp will face when entering this market.

Through our comprehensive process and tailored approach,
your ROADMAP includes:

  • The key milestones & challenges you will face on your journey.

  • A timeline and prioritization of each item on the roadmap.

  • A step-by-step guide to efficiently address each milestone.

  • An identification of critical resources needed with budget notes.

  • Tailored advice to maximize the likelihood of your success.

Knowledge is power. And with this scope of information, you can decide whether or not US-expansion is worth the investment. Ultimately, however, our goal is to find a way to make this growth opportunity possible by reducing barriers along the way.



When we find a great Startup, we go all in.  Our success is your success.  And as  we invest significant time and resources in supporting our portfolio clients, we really want to get to know you well before making this commitment. 

Here's how our 4-Step Screening Process works:

  • We contact you, you contact us or we meet at one of those fancy StartUp events. We are specifically interested in StartUps that demonstrate their capacity to grow and clearly articulate the value they can bring to the US Market.
  • You have an initial call with one of our Managing Partners to get to know each other. Specifically, we are interested to learn more about your background and why you feel that US expansion now is right for you. We are open to Startups at various levels, but want to make sure that we understand your entry opportunity.
  • Based on the call, we request supporting information, e.g., pitch decks, business plans, product demos, profiles on key team members, etc. We review these materials and prepare a round of final questions.
  • When needed, we schedule an additional conference call with relevant market-entry professionals. We do this primarily to assess domain specific challenges, especially as they relate to legal and tax issues. We also verify our own capacity to meet your expansion needs.

Based on the information we collect during our screening process, we evaluate whether or not we are a great fit for you.  If so, it's time to sign your contract so that our team can get to work.

From this point, we conduct a detailed review of your expansion strategy with Neuland and schedule a kick-off meeting to address the details of your Roadmap.  Our next goal is to dive deeper into every milestone, to develop a clear timeline, and thoroughly review resource and budget needs. It's important that the roadmap captures a complete picture of your expansion, aligns with your overall business goals, and provides the critical insights necessary to hit GO!