How much does it cost

The answer everybody hates (including us): it depends! The truth is we don't know and any advisor that suggests a cost right out of the gate is making it up.

There are situations, certainly, where it is fairly easy to identify a business’ set-up costs early on to provide a clear quote. However, most of our clients will not be served by cookie-cutter solutions nor do they want to be! As innovators and disruptors, they require additional market research and more consideration on varying strategies that would lead to other cost variables. Ultimately, we believe that every industry, product, service and business model faces a unique set of challenges. So, building a well-fitted roadmap to the US requires more than scratching the surface in a preliminary conversation.

Good news: identifying your costs is what we do! Before you make the investment to expand, our team applies a unique approach towards analyzing your growth needs in conjunction with our service providers. In this consultation, we are able to offer you a price outlook that includes our team's greatest value at the most affordable price.

How do I know I'm ready to expand into the US?

The answer to this question varies based on every startup, because it takes more than just a great product idea and a few team members to expand into the US. So, we are looking for a baseline and cannot help you if you haven’t checked these fundamental items off your list:  

First, you must have an active business.

We love ideas! But expanding to the US should be more than just a half baked, back-of-the-napkin plan. What does this mean? There isn’t a precise answer but we are looking for things like a proof of concept, some market feedback, and a few financial resources to start.  

Second, you need to have a plan and a sense of what you’re looking to accomplish with Neuland.

We want to know that you’ve transitioned into a state of business with clarity on where you’re going. Yes, plans change as new opportunities arise. But, we want to know that you are not making off-the-cuff decisions and hoping for the best.

Third, you’ll need a team ready to deliver to your first US-customer.

You are about to invest valuable time and resources into this US expansion and want to make sure that you are prepared for success once you land.

If you can say ‘yes’ to these three items, contact us today!

What makes you different from any other consultant or advisor?

There are several things that make us different, so here are just a few of the highlights:

We are not just a group of general management consultants. Rather, we are an interdisciplinary collective of domain specific (market-entry) experts that have come together to align ourselves with your best interest in an efficient expansion process.

We’re on the ground in the USA, which makes a huge difference when networking for resources and conducting market-entry research. And because we have on-the-ground experience, we know what it’s like to operate a successful US-based business.

We are also unique in the way that we collaborate with our Service Providers. All members of our Alliance work collectively to synchronize domain specific efforts. This efficient process saves you time and money!

Lastly, we are NOT motivated by the equity game, funding sources or creating consulting dependencies. We are not here to dig into your wallet!

Do you take equity?

We do not take equity. Why? It’s not our concern.

Rather, we are more interested in aligning with your values and helping you to succeed. Your reward is your equity and plenty of other folks will ask for a piece of that pie. Ultimately, we don’t want the conflict of interest.  Lastly, we know that our services to you are appropriately valued and, for the right clients, extremely affordable.

What StartUps do you work with?

In short, we work with the right StartUps. What does "right" mean? Most importantly, right means that we know we can help! It is essential that we believe our team can make a difference.

When we do choose to work together, it is our commitment to see you through to the end, no matter the challenges we may face. So just like any road trip, we are looking for great travel companions too. We want to have fun working with you and we want you to enjoy working with us too.

What is your relationship with the Service Providers?

Our relationship to our Service Providers is one based on a shared set of values. Most important to us is a clear sense of trust, which we build overtime by properly vetting these individuals.  

As we are dealing with such critical areas of your business, we place high-value on the expertise of these providers. We make sure that our team is well-invested in their professional fields, so that you can benefit from their talent & insights.

Our interest, however, is not in providing you with Service Providers simply because they paid a hefty membership fee or “sponsored” some event. And it is not simply about lead-generation for our providers. Instead, we work with these ‘alliance members’ to ensure that your growth milestones are met. Ultimately, we’ve aligned our efforts into an efficient relationship that leverages their value at the most affordable price.