At some point in their growth, founders with global ambitions hit a critical item on their How-To-Win list:
Conquering the Big Apple, Silicon Valley and their prospective customer base in the USA. 

Over the last few years, we have seen too many Startups struggle with this challenge. Despite current success, a passionate team, a great product, and even traction in their homeland, breaking through the US barriers is just too big a hurdle to overcome. To address this issue, co-founders Sven & Mathew joined forces and gathered a team of market-entry professionals with the shared mission to help entrepreneurs navigate this journey. 

The answer is Neuland Alliance.

Meet OUR managing partners


Sven Deichfuss

Sven is a German-born, SF-based consultant and entrepreneur. As a StartUp, strategy, growth & data enthusiast he helps kick-ass people in the US and Europe realize their vision through entrepreneurship. 
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Mathew Heggem

Mathew is a NYC-based entrepreneur, the CEO of accounting consulting firm SUM Innovation, the founder of SUMtech, and a leader in the world of accounting technology, small business, and growth strategy.
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Neuland Alliance includes a community of key service providers here to support your expansion.
The following individuals serve as critical resources in our client engagements:

Steve Maggi founded SMA Law Firm in 2004 as a boutique U.S. immigration and consular law firm focused on helping individuals and companies from foreign countries launch new startups, invest in projects, and/or expand their businesses into the U.S. 
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Anne Wolfson is a transactional attorney and counselor with experience in financial regulation and technology, including the use and ownership of technology and data, and intellectual property, both domestically and internationally.  
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Maia Spilman is a data privacy attorney with an intellectual property law background and a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP). She works with companies in the pharmaceutical, entertainment and technology sectors to create practical business solutions for global compliance with data privacy/protection laws.  Connect with Maia via LinkedIn.


Darin Webb services as the CFO of SUM Innovation, a 25+ person accounting consulting firm. SUM has served over 500 clients in 35 industries with outsourced accounting services, CFO consulting, accounting technology consulting and more.  
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Michael Taylor is President & CEO of MDT World Consulting, Inc.  MDT World Consulting assists domestic and international private and public sector clients in advocacy, public affairs, business development, market entry, trade policy and services, regulatory issues, reputation management, and strategic business information services.  Connect with Michael via LinkedIn.

Simon Brady CFP®, originally from the UK, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and founder and principal of Anglia Advisors, a fee-only personal financial planning firm based in midtown Manhattan. He has well over 20 years of experience in the trenches of the financial markets in both London and New York and also as a financial advisor with the United Nations.  Connect with Simon via LinkedIn.


Jennifer Scott is a talent acquisition strategist, recruiter and talent management consultant for small to mid-sized, entrepreneurial businesses. With a broad understanding of how the candidate attraction, selection, and retention processes work, she partners with CEOs and Founders to create connections with the talent they want to hire - and the employees they love. Connect with Jennifer via LinkedIn.


Susan L Combs is the CEO of Combs & Company, a full service insurance brokerage firm with a knack for solving difficult circumstances. Combs & Co. has become a go-to resource for those companies that don’t fit an insurance carriers’ typical profile, including international companies setting up their first U.S. operations. Connect with Susan via LinkedIn

How did Neuland Alliance come to be?

Neuland Alliance, cofounded by Sven Deichfuss & Mathew Heggem, originated out of a summit produced by SUM Innovation in 2016, the 3rd Annual SUMtech16, which focused on the topic of Global and US-expansion Strategy.

Designed to address key issues facing the entrepreneurial and business community that SUM Innovation serves, that year’s summit answered the questions: "What does it take to succeed as a global entrepreneur and how do we make US-expansion a reality for more startups?"

The program included a series of webinars developed by an International Advisory Committee, including U.S. Immigration Attorney Steve Maggi, Esq. (SMA Law Firm), Corporate Legal Attorney Anne Wolfson (Anne Wolfson, PLLC), Maia T. Spilman, Esq./CIPP, Information Privacy & Intellectual Property Attorney (The Law Office of Maia T. Spilman, LLC), personal finance advisor Simon Brady, CFP® (Anglia Advisors), Dale Mason (The Wolf Group, PC),  and the team of accounting & growth consultants at SUM Innovation.

In considering the many complex challenges faced by US-bound startups, Sven & Mathew decided to join forces and create a new business that would help Startups to navigate this journey with great success.