Enabling Startups to thrive.

NEULAND ALLIANCE helps global entrepreneurs expand into the US market by providing comprehensive support services, including strategic consultation & project planning, as well as access to legal, accounting, and other market-entry professionals.

Through a combination of strategic consulting services, project planning, and collaborative relationships with a diverse group of specialists, we construct an individual and feasible roadmap towards successful US Expansion. In pursuit of our mission, that each of our StartUp clients thrive, we aim to reduce the barriers of entry by guiding our entrepreneurs mindfully through the complex issues faced during expansion, including:

  • Forming a US Entity
  • Reducing Liability & Risk
  • Understanding the Legal System
  • Aligning to the US Patent & Copyright System
  • Managing Tax Compliance
  • Navigating Immigration Needs
  • Setting up Accounting Systems
  • Handling Payroll & Insurance
  • Finding your US Customers or Clients
  • Positioning Products & Services in the US Market
  • Pitching to Investors for Capital
  • Establishing a Feasible Growth Plan
  • Attracting & Retaining US-talent 
  • Meeting your Metrics for Success
This platform is about providing a means to an end: we want global entrepreneurs to thrive in the US market by lowering the barrier of entry.
— Mathew Heggem, Managing Partner of Neuland Alliance

From beginning to end, Neuland Alliance is here to support you.

  • We align ourselves with your interests & share your mission of success.
  • We leverage our resources to get you on track towards expansion.
  • We provide orientation, assessment, coaching & consulting services to bridge your knowledge gaps.
  • We help you to efficiently overcome barriers related to decision making, navigating bureaucracy, and gaining traction.
  • We look for sustainable methods towards market entry and growth.

We reduce complexity to get you through the
critical barriers of the US-market entry.


One thing is for sure: The US market is attractive for many StartUps. But is now the right time to initiate the expansion process or should you wait? To reach a sound decision, we will help you to answer such questions as: 

  • Do you have the capability & resources to get this process started?
  • What are the essential legal & tax issues that you will face?
  • How much time & money will expansion require?

Together, we evaluate your expansion plans, assess feasibility, identify areas of critical concern, and provide access to advisors who will aid in developing a comprehensive expansion roadmap.

And since these questions are a part of our orientation process, a preparedness check is the starting point for all of our clients. 



Once you’ve decided to move onto the next phase, and we’ve met some of the basic requirements, many other questions will come up: 

  • What steps will you need to take to establish a legal entity & meet your tax compliance needs?
  • What impact will this have on your personal & business finances?
  • What will you need to do in order to get your visa in order?

Certainly, this can be an overwhelming part of the process, often costing a lot of money: The truth is that during this phase of expansion process you DO need a team of lawyers, accountants, and other consultants to answer specialized questions.

Good news: We have these specialists on our team. And, the benefit of working with Neuland Alliance is that we synchronize the conversations between our service providers, so that we can reduce the associated time & expenses required to coordinate among these advisors otherwise.



Finally, you're all set. But you’ve probably realized that business here is done differently. Moving forward, you’ll have questions like:

  • What marketing and sales tactics will work based on your target customer profiles? 
  • Where can you go to build relationships with distributors, retailers & strategic partners? 
  • How will you scale your operations, so that growth doesn’t break the bank?
  • Where do you find the best employees in a competitive talent market? 


NEULAND ALLIANCE doesn’t stop once your plane has landed. We're here to see your STARTUP THRIVE!